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Aquamarine Resort
Hajar Tower
Sultan Suites
Pump Tower
Istanbul Saraylari
Bosphorus City
Bursa Modern
Sevalista Residence
Sarajevo Panorama
Village Garden Katamya

Murabahat Projects

Sultan’s Suites
Sultan’s Suites – Turkey


Hajar Tower
Hajar Tower - Macca

Macca, Saudi Arabia

Aquamarine Resort
aquamarine resort

Kuwait - Nwayseb


Murabahat Group

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  • ilead

    iLead integrated solutions is a Kuwait based company leading in integrated software solutions in the Gulf region and has extensive experience in providing Integrated software, and services for the software through multiple techniques. iLead has developed a new series of Business solutions that was designed to increase workforce productivity and lower costs by promoting and supporting sales, marketing and customer service. iLead became very successful in the past few years by attracting a wide variety of large companies in the Arabian Gulf and the Middle East, thanks to its specializations in that sector – especially as it provided integrated Solution Suits and a good amount of other segments including electronic archiving programs, conduct of business software (Workflow), correspondence, business resource management software (ERP) and so on. iLead’s products are competitively priced due to the fact that the company would like to improve the task force of the local employees.

    ilead Products

    Properties Middle East

    Properties Middle East (PME) is one of Murabahat’s group companies, which was established in Egypt in 2012. PME focuses on developing and managing Real Estate Projects in various sectors, as well as marketing & selling large Real Estate Projects in Egypt and other countries with the help of strategic and qualified partners. PME is working to meet the demands of the clients by achieving their investment goals , And striving to maximize the return on investments of its valued customers.

    Properties Middle East Projects

    Bosnia Projects

    Cyprus Projects

    Egypt Projects

    Kuwait Projects

    Saudi Arabia Projects

    Turkey Projects

    United Arab Emirates Projects

    United Kingdom Projects

    • Marylebone Serviced Offices
    • Crawford Suites Serviced Apartments
      Crawford Suites Serviced Apartments

    Germany Projects

    Lebanon Projects

    Montenegro Projects

    Talents Hunters

    "Talents Hunters" is a leading company specialized in the field of employment and human resources consulting , It was established in Kuwait in 2010, and offers its services through a network of branches across the Middle East, and since that time "Talents Hunters" has succeeded in building a wide customer data base by providing excellent services in the field of employment and human resources in accordance with the requirements of its customers.

    Talents Hunters Products

    • أصحاب العمل
      For Employers

      Finding highly qualified candidate is not an easy task , it poses a real challenge for employers, as part of our experience, Talents Hunters website facilitate this mission by following the innovative approach in finding the best candidates for vacant posts. We have come to where we are now, by the efforts of a specialist team working in this field.

    • For Jobseekers

      Through "Talents Hunters" website, you have the opportunity to reach the right job by the outstanding services in the field of employment and human resources with a specialist’s team and highly qualified experts with years of experience in the field of employment to help you choose the best jobs.


    4DGraphix envisions your business in an entirely new dimension. it provide you with the best in Web Designing, Graphical Illustrations and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It also provides elaborate Social Media Management and Mobile Application Development with 7 years of extensive industry experience. 4DGraphix team work determinedly provide your business with the highest quality.

    4DGraphix Products

    • Web Development
      Web Development
    • تطبيقات الهواتف الذكية
      Mobile App Development
    • محركات البحث
      Search Engine Optimization
    • التصميم الجرافيكي
      Graphic Design


    Icons Advertising Co. offers advertising, marketing, PR, branding, and digital technology services to our clients. The work we do helps our clients innovate, stand out in a crowd, connect with their audience, create personalities, build relationships, earn trust and respect, which in turn boosts sales, builds brands and gains market share.

    Icons Products

    • Digital Marketing
      Digital Marketing
    • Logo Products | Advertising Gifts | Business Promotional Items
      Logo Products - Business Promotional Items
    • Advertising
    • Outdoor and Ambient
      Outdoor and Ambient
    • Branding
    • Interactive Video, Animation Design and Production
      Interactive Video, Animation Design and Production
    • Website design and development
      Website design and development
    • Trade show deliverables
      Trade show deliverables
    • Event Management
      Event Management
    • Copywriting and content management
      Copywriting and content management
    • Public Service Advertising
      Public Service Advertising

    Blue Ray

    "Blue Ray" as one of Murabahat’s group company, is a leader in providing the best tourism and services packages overall on a large scale, starting from organizing tours and hotel services in the best and the most desirable tourist places across the world down to providing all visa services ,car rentals and all airport services. In addition to many other various services , Tabadul System, which combines all the advantages and amenities of every client dream, putting into perceptive that "Sokouk Tabadul " is one of the important pillar that contributes to the success of the concept of family and religious tourism in Murabahat projects .

    Blue Ray Packages

    • 10 Days in S.M. Grande Residence – Bangkok – Thailand
      10 Days in S.M. Grande Residence – Bangkok – Thailand
    • 5 Days in CVK Taksim Hotel – Istanbul
      5 Days in CVK Taksim Hotel – Istanbul
    • 4 Days in Aquamarine Resort – Kuwait
      4 Days in Aquamarine Resort – Kuwait
    • 6 Days in Radisson Blu Resort - Sharm El Sheikh
      6 Days in Radisson Blu Resort - Sharm El Sheikh

    Aqarat4u Alexandria Projects

  • Palm City


  • Aqarat4u Cairo Projects

    Aqarat4u Jeddah Projects

    Aqarat4u Riyadh Projects

    aqarat4u Kuwait Projects

Murabahat Strategic Partners

  • Value
  • Tiles Tools

    Tiles and Tools is an Egypt based company that sells decoration materials for residential and commercial buildings. We deliver the highest level of service in the market with the most economical prices at the best quality. We offer creative aspects and solutions for your household, work and life. Tiles and Tools is specialized in interior design, decoration, architecture and finishing solutions. We have a dedicated team of high end professionals including building contractors, construction manager, civil engineers and interior designers with years of experience under their belt. Our specialized experience coupled with a wide variety of endless products makes us a one-stop shopping experience for our prospects.

    Tiles Tools Products

    • tt
      Bedroom Designs
    • tt
      Interior Design Services
    • tiles&tools
      Decoration Ideas
    • Bathroom Design
      Bathroom Design


    Beyond Expectations .. Value is our middle name

    We provides integrated mall management services. It is uniquely qualified to introduce new concept of malls management. Value’s background and supporting infrastructure aims at integration of people, process and technology in one place we call a “Mall”.
    Our Business provides a variety of services and solutions including marketing, product development, facility management, and the planning and handling of the day-to-day operations of a mall. Consultancy for strategic aspects, and solid business intelligence solutions is one major part of our experience in that industry as well.
    We intend to work as a research and development qualified team to develop new products and improve existing ones to better serve the market needs. We have decided our business strategy to be a Differentiation focus strategy which equals market pioneer providing a package of innovative integrated solutions.

    Bathroom Design

    Value Services

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    A team of business analysts research the local market and understand their demographics, psychographics, income levels and interests and hence identify their needs and the competition in the neighborhood. Any market is considered a consumption market with a diversity of customer segments; these customer segments are empowered to create a market share for new entrants or increase that of existing rivals as long as they find convenience and satisfaction. So literally; it is a purely competitive environment.

    Best Use Analysis :

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    The place we call a mall is our platform; Harmony speaks out loud to everyone when a facility meets the requirements of integrating people, process and technology in the place called a “Mall”. and we have that structure that is able to gather elements of success in one place. That makes us speechless however, it does speak out for us.

    Concept Design :

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    Our approach is to build an integrated strategy .We manage the entire process starting as advisory for property location, design, zoning, and ambience ending up with on ground handling of the day to day operations. Mall activities management will be reflecting the contributions of both sales and marketing to generating revenues and gaining new customers,The rates of commercial and is an essential indicator when it comes to decision making.

    Commercial Properties Marketing & Sales :

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    Unlike traditional mall management players, Value’s background and supporting infrastructure aims at achieving satisfaction to all the parties involved in a mall environment. We manage the entire cycle involved and establishing and managing commercial properties.

    Mall Management :

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    Value understands the clients lifestyle and mindset, hence enables clientsto have exactly what they need and when they need it. This eventually achieve thet enants and mall targets .

    Facility Management :

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    Value is uniquely qualified to introduce the new concept of malls management. We aspire to become the number one mall management provider in Egypt. Search engine that collects offers from various different sources in one single search! Looking for commercial properties for sale and lease. You can find your next commercial property, office space, land or industrial space, also market your commercial listings.

    The one and only online commercial properties search engine :

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    Our Operational Management team provides a variety of services and solutions to our business partners including marketing, product development, facility management, and the planning and handling of the day-to-day operations of a mall. on one hand help to enhance the mall management functions and on the other hand completes the overall experience that a visitor is looking for in a mall.

    Operations management Visitors/Tenants

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    The mall will penetrate the market after a huge promotional campaign that teases the target segment. This campaign should focus on defining activities, the goods value for money offers, and the positive effect towards improving the overall experience of visiting a shopping mall.

    Promotional activities and events management :

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    The success of the management depends on the strategic plan which is used to ensure the growth of the business and enhance the sales; either through communications directly focusing on activities, Brands, and the overwhelming experience of being in our mall. Given the analysis procedures done, we know exactly where our customers congregate, that should be where we communicate our product to them in an educational and entertaining way. Hence getting them interested and giving them incentives to come to us which would be done through sales promotions like discounts, trade sales incentives, and other forms of sales promotions.

    Financial management :