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5 places you have to visit in tukrey

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Turkey is famous with amazing touristic places, but there are hidden places that may not be included in your program:

  • Pamukkale

One of the most amazing touristic places in turkey, it’s famous because of Pamukkale’s natural springs which are surrounded by calcareous deposits, those deposits formed white stones similar to ice layers, with its white color. That’s why it is called Pamukkale which means “castle of cotton” in Turkish language, as those deposits are similar to white cotton. You can enjoy the natural warm water, the amazing view of the calcareous stones; you can also enjoy the view at the night under the moon light, this will be an amazing experience.

  • Cappadocia

One of the oldest cities in turkey, with an amazing nature and terrains with height about 1000 meter above the sea surface, those stones formed all over the ages as a result of erosion of volcanic ash, in addition it is famous with sculpted houses in mountains and underground houses. Tourists enjoy a lot of activities there; the most amazing one is the airship which allows you to see the whole city.

  • Celsus library

Even if you are not a big fan of reading, but this place is not a traditional library, it was constructed in Afsas in Anadol by Aulus Cornelius Celsus who was a member in the Greek senate; it was established to store about 12,000 manuscripts, plus being a shrine for its founder Aulus.

  • Al Namrod Mountain

Al Namrod Mountain is one of the fabulous touristic attractions in turkey; it has rubble of “Comageen” kingdom, the mountain is pyramidal, and surrounded heads of statues which are separated from their bodies.

  • Bodrum castle

If you will visit Bodrum, you have to vidit Bodrum Castle or St. Pierre palace, which is built before Ottoman Caliphate, it include a maritime museum and it is considered to be a famous and rare one.

The best thing in travelling is to discover new things and enjoy nature, try to re-discover turkey by visiting the previous places.


In every place of those you will discover new part of the Turkish civilization and you will enjoy the natural beauty in a relaxing atmosphere