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5 Things You Need to Know about Hajj

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Here comes the season of Hajj with its blessings and spiritual ambiance which hovers around us as Muslims are preparing for traveling to perform the rites of hajj in all joy and longing for the haram. In this article, Murabahat will tackle some important tips which should be taken into consideration by every pilgrim to perform the hajj rites rightly.

Important Tips Concerning Hajj

  1. Don’t let your desire to perform the hajj lead you to borrow an amount of money you know that you’ll not be able to pay it back as hajj is a pillar for those who have money. So, don’t complicate things for yourself because not paying the debt back is a good reason for not accepting your hajj,
  2. Before traveling to perform hajj, pay all your debts back first, fulfill your duties, and riposte the injustices. As Islam urges us to treat each other in a good way and to pay back our debts rather than performing the hajj. So, it wouldn’t be acceptable to perform the hajj while you’re in debt,
  3. Start your journey by dedicating your intention to Allah and extracting any grudge from your heart. Also, you need to repent to God and decide that you’ll never come back to accomplish any of your previous sins,
  4. Islam always urges for good manners. So, try to follow prophet Muhammed (PBUH) manners such as humility, avoiding the arguments, cooperation, prayers, and be away from using makeup, perfume, etc,
  5. Remember the greatness and presence of God and the holy haram, extract the life matters from your heart, and try to get away from any debate that is not suitable for the hajj.


Before thinking of performing the hajj, you need to search well about everything that is related to the rites of hajj, so you can perform it perfectly.