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Accommodation options for studying in London

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Travel abroad to complete the academic march is considered a dream for many students and London occupies first place among universities in various universities in the world where students flock annually for free or paid Scholarships.

Accommodation in London

Study in London requires knowing different accommodation options and determine the best places to facilitate the transition from and to the various universities.

  • accommodation with family

Many students prefer accommodation with family, which give them a lot of the skills such as learning correct grammar, and this accommodation helps them to improve their education level.

  • Real estate projects

Many real estate companies implimented specialized real estate projects where the provision of adequate housing for international students by providing all the comforts and the most important of these projects is “Printworks which sponsored by Murabahat. “Printworks” project is located in (Sheffield), which is the heart of the United Kingdom; it has all means of quick, easy and convenient transportation.

  • student residences

Some universities in London provide special housing for students, a large number of students prefer this choice where approaching to devoted place for study.


Now we present the best options for a stay during the study period in London and you can choose the best for you