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How to Get a Building Permit?

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It’s not an easy thing to get a building permit as it takes much time and effort especially if you’re not aware of the required documents to apply for it.

So, in the following few lines, Murabahat will present a guide for obtaining a building permit

  1. Land Validity Certificate: You’ve to submit a request for the administrative authority that contains the location address in order to get a permit that confirms the validity of the site for building,
  2. Valid national ID of the license owner,
  3. Fees invoice: Checking the application fee, license issuance fee, stamps fee, and others,
  4. Documents that confirm the ownership of the land,
  5. The applicant himself must attend to the administrative authority or his deputy.

Receiving the License

The owner or his deputy should go to the administrative authority after 30 days on condition that all fees have been paid.

Validity Duration of the license

The validity duration of the license is one year and if the owner does not start the building before the year ends, he must apply for another permit that is valid for another year.

The Required Documents for that Additional Permit

  • The old permit,
  • A copy of the fees invoice.


In order to get a building permit legally without wasting time, you need to be aware of all the required documents to finish the process faster.