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Aquamarine Resort – Kuwait is the Place for You

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If you’re living in Kuwait then you shouldn’t waste the opportunity for you and your family to enjoy a great vacation in one of Kuwait’s best resorts “Aquamarine Resort” which stretches over 34 square km containing 99 units divided into 31 villas and 68 chalets.

Constructing the resort started in April 2014 and the opening was in December 2015 what means that it took a year and a half for building it.

Aquamarine resort is located in Al Ahmadi Governorate, plot 3, street 298, and all the units are overlooking el Nuwaiseeb beach.

Aquamarine is a family touristic resort that contains numerous services and facilities that suits the family such as swimming pools, ladies private swimming pools and each of them includes great aquapark, kids playing area, mini market, restaurants, and strong security system.

Sokuk Tabadul System in Aquamarine Resort:

Sokuk real estate system is the system that is approached in Aquamarine and it enables you to enjoy your unit week per year what makes you enjoy all Tabadul features and have a chance to start your investment in real estate. This is in addition to obliging to Islamic Shariah rules.

As for the units, they contain 2 to 3 rooms, while the spaces start from 118 m to 251 m.

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