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Why Choosing Azha Sokhna for a Vacation?

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If you’re looking for luxury, meditation away from the hustle of the city, and a vacation that helps you to be active and gaining energy to complete the routine of life.

Then, you absolutely need Azha Sokhna!

Azha is a perfect resort in Ain Sokhna that connects the beautiful nature with the modern designs.

Location and Space

Sokhna – Suez road, 34 km off Sukhna.

Size: almost 1.6 million square meters.

Why Getting a Unit in Azha Sokhna for a Yearly Vacation?

  1. Azha is characterized by the spread of greenery and gardens. Also, it contains a lot of wide swimming pools,
  2. As we care for your comfort, we provide an integrated commercial area that contains all your needs,
  3. Undoubtedly we will not ignore the health care, as we provide Azha with a health care resort that guarantees to you a happy stay and recovery,
  4. As for the food, in Azha you’ll enjoy excellent restaurants at the highest level of cleanliness and creativity in cooking,
  5. In Azha, there’s a special club, apartments, sports facilities, hotels, and lakes for swimming,
  6. Ensure that we provide safety, we provide 24/7 security services.

The Available Units in Azha

  • Fully finished luxurious units,
  • Wonderful chalets overlooking the sea,
  • Standalone Villas,
  • Twin Villas,
  • Luxurious apartments attached to gardens.


Azha Sokhna provides well being, leisure, refreshment, and convenience away from the hustle and the bustle of life.