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Beaches of turkey

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Turkey has become an important touristic attraction for tourists from all over the world. Turkey is full of touristic locations and touristic activities which makes it a perfect destination for vacation for all times of the year. During winter, tourists visit museums and historical locations while during summer they spend their vacation on the beach. We have a made a small research to find out the best beaches in turkey and here are the results:

Patara beach, Antalya

This beach is one of the largest and most beautiful beaches in turkey. Your kids will enjoy the clear water and warm sun rays there, and it is never crowded as there aren’t many hotels surrounding it which makes a perfect hideout for people seeking relaxation and isolation.


Kabak Bay, Ölüdeniz

Simple and quiet beach filled mostly with locals. This beach is simple and quiet and it offers accommodation with reasonable prices but it lacks water sports.


Olympos to çıralı

This beach runs from the ruins at olympos to çıralı and it contains all kinds of water sports and touristic activities from restaurants to yoga to good accommodation resorts.

beach olympos

Iztuzu Beach, Dalyan

A beautiful, eco-friendly clean beach. Due to its large space it is visited by a huge number of visitors which do all kinds of activities such as yoga, snorkilling and dipping. This beach is famous for having lots of beautiful turtles you can enjoy watching there.


These were the most famous beaches but turkey contains lots of other more beautiful beaches which will give you and your family a beautiful vacation.