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Cairo International Real Estate Exhibition

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Mr Ahmed Abd El-Rasoul, the head of Marketing and Sales sector at Murabahat for Real Estate Solutions, assured that Murabahat will participate in Cairo International Real Estate Exhibition which will be held in Kuwait from 1/5/2017 till 6/5/2017. However, Abd El-Rasoul has assured that Muarabaht has completed a deal with Heliopolis Company for Housing and Development to sell and market its new project that named “Jules” in the ninth district in the new Heliopolis city.

Moreover, Heliopolis Company for Housing and Development is a subsidiary of the Holding Company for Construction and Development (HCCD) that affiliated to the ministry of public service. Furthermore, Heliopolis Company was founded in 1906 and it is one of the tycoons in the field of real estate investment in the Middle East. However, the main goal of Heliopolis Company is to implement and improve urban development projects and exploit their own lands for such purpose. The Company owns the largest land area in the Middle East and the most unique area in the New Heliopolis city. It is considered as the extension to Masr El-Gedida (Heliopolis) area and it is a vital urban expansion in the next period as it is near to the new capital of Egypt and the regional ring road that will connect all Egypt’s governorates and the central roads.

The project is over 5888 acre. Besides, it is characterized by its unique architectural style. Furthermore, Abd El-Rasoul said that the project is consist of three stages:

  • First Stage: consists of 7 buildings,
  • Second: consists of 11 building,
  • Third: consists of 10 buildings,

And reservation is open for the first stage.

Besides, the project is consist of luxurious residential apartments that suit all family’s needs; with its variable sizes. On the other hand, the urban planning of the project is known by its unique design that comes from a superb mixture of the ancient architecture and the modern style.