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Why to choose Aquamarine Resort in Kuwait?

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To enjoy a fabulous summer vacation or a marvelous winter one with your friends or family, you have to choose Aquamarine Family Resort that allows you to spend a good funny time. The resort has lots of green areas that make you enjoy the quietness.

On Al-Nuwaiseeb beach, south Kuwait, and over 34,089 meter, you will find Aquamarine resort that overlooks the sea with a totally fabulous natural view and soft golden sand.

The resort consists of chalets and villas that abide the international touristic “Sokouk” system. As in every year, you will have the right to choose one week only to be able to get benefit from the chalet; for 17 years.

Aquamarine’s Units

The sizes range from 118 meter square to 251 meter square. Also, all the units overlook the sea and have all the needed services and facilities. The resort has almost 99 chalet and a villa with 3 or 4 rooms. However, every unit has bedrooms, living rooms, full equipped kitchen, bathrooms, nanny room, and sometimes a room for the driver.

As for the facilities and the services, there are swimming pools and there are ones for ladies only, a playroom for children, water games, restaurants, garage, security system, and high standard hotel services.

What differentiate Aquamarine?

Aquamarine is known by total “privacy” as there you will find separated chalets and special swimming pools for ladies and families.

Hurry up to book your unit in Aquamarine resort and get the best prices, monthly premiums over 12 months, and a special discount for cash.