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Why Choosing Fifth Settlement?

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Whenever you hear about Fifth Settlement, automatically jumps to our mind all of these classy- organized compounds and its magnificent views that look like the pictures we used to imagine. The Fifth Settlement is known for the spread of those wonderful compounds which are covered by trees and the clean wide streets.


In the following few lines, Murabahat will present some reasons that might motivate you to move to the Fifth Settlement:


  1. The location of the city is unique due to its proximity to the Cairo-Suez desert road, the Ain Sokhna desert road, Cairo international airport, and the ring road,
  2. It contains a number of multinational high-level schools which offer special services,
  3. The city also contains some universities such as German university, American, and Canadian, etc,
  4. It contains all health services and hospitals with highest level of care,
  5. The Teseen Street which is the biggest street of the city and considered as the most famous one there, contains also a number of multinational banks and companies,
  6. The compounds of the city contain a lot of entertainment means such as swimming pools, gyms, restaurants, and cafes, etc,
  7. A lot of huge malls are located in the city such as Cairo festival city, downtown, and Americana plaza, etc.


The Fifth Settlement is one of the most prestigious and classy cities in Egypt. Also, caring of the buildings consistency, cleanliness of the streets, and providing all the needed services, made it grow up fast.


You can see the apartments which is offered for sale in Fifth Settlement from Aqarat4u through this: