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Choosing suitable Property in Cairo: Factors & Aspects

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Housing problem and finding the proper home is one of the common problems that most of us suffer from. So, if you decided to live in Cairo; even via renting or buying a property, there are some factors and aspects that shall be taken into consideration before renting or buying. In the following few lines, Murabahat for Real Estate Solutions will tackle these aspects.

  1. Budget and Living Factor: First, you have to set your budget and know the cost of living in a certain area and if this suits you or not? Not only that, but also you have to know if the lifestyle of this specific area suits you or not? Besides, you have to see if the surrounding environment suits your family or not?
  2. Residential Factor: after setting your budget and knowing the cost of living, here comes the time to choose the suitable area for you,
    • For instance, if you decided to live in one of the compounds, you shall check its license, the ownership of the land to make sure that it is not a fake project, and also check the contract and the facilities of the compound,
    • However, if you decided to live in one of the areas of New Cairo, there are the fifth settlement and the first settlement. These areas are known by quietness and the perfect urban planning. Also, it can be reached easily as it is near the ring road and Al-Sokhna road,
    • Moreover, if you will choose the down town area, you absolutely chose a modern ancient area in Cairo. Moreover, it is near the public transportation like the metro.

The previous was just a quick hint about the factors and the aspects that may help you in choosing the proper property in Cairo. Follow us to know more about Cairo’s districts and living in the compounds.