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Common Problems between Tenants and Property Owners

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While talking about buying and selling specially buying or renting a property, one shall take into consideration the relationship between the property owner and the tenant as it is a vital sensitive relation that may had a lot of problems and violations. So, one shall take care of it and know how to be professional and be in a relation that undergoes to both friendship and professionalism.

However, while tackling such problems between the owners and the tenants, one shall not accuse one party by being guilty and the other party became the innocent. Also, it worth to mention that there are some problems that can be solved peacefully via discussions without any need to go to the court. That’s why, in this article, we will tackle some of these common problems like:

1- Not Abiding the Contract and Increase the Rental Rate

This is one of the most common problems between the property owners and the tenants because of the general prices increment. That’s why, the owners tend to increase the rental rate to cope with such economical increment without notifying the tenants. Also, the owners do not abide the legislations and the laws that states the annual rental increment.

2- Breaching the Contract Terms

There are some contracts that states that the tenants do not have the right to change anything in the property without telling the owner. However, sometimes there are some tenants who breach these terms and harm the property.

3- Forcing Tenants to Leave

Sometimes, there are owners who search for a higher rental price but they are dedicated to the terms of the contract, so they tend to force the tenant to leave via not providing him with the essentials needed services like water and electricity.


There are lots and lots of problems that can occur between the property owners and the tenants, so such problems shall be taken into consideration before taking such critical decision and renting an apartment besides trying to choose a good property owner and avoid the greedy ones.