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Under-Construction Properties OR a Pre-Constructed one?

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Buying a property is considered as one of the most crucial decisions that most of us may face; as one shall think well and calculate each and every step before taking it. As there are many people who became victims of real estate companies’ fraud and their own interest because the buyer himself does not know what shall be done and is confused between the under constructed building or the pre-constructed one.


So, as a buyer you have to search well, specify your goals, and know the difference between both types of properties and the advantages and disadvantages of each one. That’s why Murabahat for real estate solution will tackle all aspects of these types to help you in choosing the suitable one for you.

1- Under Construction Properties

What differentiate this type of properties is that as a buyer you have the right to design your home as you like and decide the number or rooms and so on. Also, you will not need to make any edits later on as you are the one who design it from the beginning. Besides, the prices of the under construction properties are reasonable and may be cheaper than the pre-constructed ones. So, you will save a lot of money. Also, the taxes for this type of properties is less than the pre-constructed ones. Also, you will save a lot of fees that may be paid in the pre-constructed property.


On the contrary, the under construction properties have disadvantages as you will deal directly with the builders and follow up with them daily to finish building in the agreed timing.

2- Pre-Constructed Property

The pre-constructed property is known by a very good characteristic like that you can move to it whenever you want and you will not afford any extra money concerning the maintenance and the builders. But, the bad thing is that you cannot change the design of the home if it does not suit you. Also, there is a common complain that the buyer may not receive the property with the same features as agreed upon and the buyer pays a lot of money more than what the building costs.


Choosing between the under construction building and the pre-constructed one is a double edged weapon as each type has its own advantages and disadvantages. So, as a buyer you have to think well and take into consideration your financial status to be able to choose what suits you.