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After Currency Floating … Shall We Invest in Real Estate or Deposit Certificate?

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After the declaration of central bank concerning floating the Egyptian pound which causes a decrease in its value almost about 48%, the banks released the deposit certificate with an interest rate about 16% and 20% in order to argue citizens to invest in banks and save the Egyptian pound.

At the same time, properties either remain as it is or its value increased, as the Egyptian real estate market has never suffered from a drop in the prices of the properties. It either in a recession or an increase.

According to that, Egyptians are stuck between investing in real estate and deposit certificate.

That’s why, Murabahat decided to present a comparison between both of them and let the reader choose what fits him.

  • Deposit Certificate Investment:

    Let’s first clarify the details of such certificates. There’s a platinum certificate with a 16% interest rate which you can get per month for 3 years. However, the other certificate is a certificate with a 20% interest rate that you can get per 3 months for a year and a half.
    There’s no doubt that you can get benefit from such certificates, but it’s a short-term profit as these certificates fit those who search for a quick profit regardless its value. It’s a quick and temporary solution that  the banks released to increase the pound’s value.

  • Invest in Real Estate:

    As for real estate, the statistics indicate that the value of the properties during the last 10 years increased almost 50% of its price which means that the profit of real estate investment is higher than deposit certificates. However, the average extent of real estate profit takes from three to five years. So, you can’t buy a property then sell it in months and wait for a 50% profit!


Both invest in real estate and deposit certificates has its own profit in its specific time and value. If you’re looking for great and safe profit, so real estate investment is the right one for you.