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Difference between living in Districts and living in Compounds

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Lots of us get confused concerning choosing the suitable home as a result of the various options. So, as we tackled previously the main factors of choosing your home in Cairo, reasons to live in fifth settlement, and also tackling some real estate terms, today we will tackle another aspect which is showing the difference between living in districts and living in compounds and its pros and cons.

Living in Districts

Masr El-Gedida District

Most of us prefer living in districts especially Masr El-Gedida district as it is known by being luxurious and coherent in its urban planning. Besides, it is near to the airport. However, it can be reached easily via the new third line of the Metro. On the contrary, the over crowdedness is one of the main cons of living in Masr El-Gedida. But, still it is a perfect choice as it is a lively place to in live as you reach any other place easily.

New Cairo

New Cairo is one of the new cities that appeared lately. It is known by its good living standards. Besides, you can reach it easily by your own car via the ring road, the Suez road, and Shokna road. While the unavailability of public transportation and the high prices of living are one of the reasons that make you think more than one time before choosing New Cairo.

Living in Compound

If you search for isolation, quietness, privacy, and the availability of public services, living in a compound will be the best for you. Compounds were built for these reasons. Also, living in a compound will guarantee a healthy environment as there are lots of green areas. Moreover, some compounds have its own buses to transfer you from and to the compound. On the contrary, living in a compound is very expensive and some compounds are too far.


The previous was just a hint concerning the difference between living in a compound and districts, to help you in choosing the best for you.