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Different Departments in Real Estate Marketing Companies

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Real estate marketing companies -unlike the common belief- are not only about marketing the real estate projects, as there are other departments in the company. So, in the following, Murabahat for Real Estate Solutions will tackle such departments in details.

Departments in Real estate marketing Companies:

Real Estate Appraisal Department:

Real estate appraiser is someone who is gaining a wide experience in the real estate market what makes him able to evaluate the property according to a number of factors including the property status, location, internal and external services. Also, the appraiser should be aware of society’s all economic, historical, scientific and social aspects.

This is one of the most important departments in Real Estate Marketing companies.

Real Estate Development Department:

This is one of the most important departments in Real Estate Marketing companies and it’s meant to develop, repair and renew the real estate projects and the touristic villages. Also, this department makes feasibility studies, sales strategies and market research. To sum up, this department specializes in buying a land or a project then develop it and funding the project until it is sold.

Real Estate Brokerage Department:

This is also one of Real Estate Marketing companies department, the real estate brokerage department is the department where the deals got done between both the client and the company and the broker get a commission which is -an agreed upon- certain percentage from each sale or purchase process. Also, the brokers should have great experience in real estate market and the projects in the region.

Real Estate Analysis Department:

Real Estate Analysis Department is one of Real Estate Marketing companies departments whereas the owners of the project ask for consulting in view of the expertise of staff in this department and their ability to do marketing studies and feasibility studies on projects and accordingly determine the required expenses to achieve the objective of the projects.

Above, Murabahat blog has tackled 4 of the main departments in any Real Estate Marketing company and there is still more department that you need to know if you’re willing to gain profit from the real estate marketing.