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Egyptian Market attracts the Investors and No way to Real Estate Bubble

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As we tackled before the threats to face a real estate bubble and the effect of that on real estate investment as it is like an obstacle in front of delivering the needs of having suitable units with proper prices. However, it is expected that real estate growth rate will increase in spite of the challenges of the market.

Let us agree upon that as a result of over population, there will be a continuous increase and demand concerning having residential units which will participate in reviving the real estate sector and the economy in particular. As according to the statistics, there is an annual need to have a million property which is almost about 100 to 200 thousand unit per year.

Moreover, while talking about the Egyptian real estate market, it is not certain to have a real estate bubble as a result of the huge demand over the properties. However, these properties are sold before being fully constructed which is opposite to the notion of real estate bubble that means the availability of the offered units and there is nobody to buy it.

However, what only can be happened is a change in the customer’s need. In other words, there will not be a need for a certain properties like the super lux for example as the market and the customers will be done (enough) of it. But this is opposed to the constant need for residential units in general.

To conclude, the Egyptian real estate market still attracts the Arab and foreign investors and the need for residential units will be constant.