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Elite Real Estate Exhibition … Egyptian Real Estate Market attracts Arab Investors

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There are many real estate investors and normal people who care more about real estate and anything new about it. So, lately, even the drop in the Egyptian economy, the Egyptian real estate market become the source of attraction to many Arab investors.

The state exerts great efforts to revive the economy and the real estate market in particular. However, the real estate market is about to be revived after releasing the exchange rate (currency floating), organizing real estate conferences that support economy, and endorsing the new law of investment that indicates establishing private and public projects that will participate in eliminating the unemployment problem. These projects will improve the resources of the public treasury from the foreign exchange that will be gained from such projects.

Moreover, it is planned that the second session of Elite real estate exhibition will be at Cairo in the conference hall, from 9 to 12 of August, 2017. This exhibition is a serious step to revive the Egyptian real estate market as almost 20 companies from the Gulf and the Arab world will take part in it. Also, it is declared that the exhibition will have lots of new projects that will be announced for the first time.

Besides, there are many companies in Gulf proclaimed its intention to participate in this exhibition like Borg real estate company, Kuwait for project management, Everest real estate, and many other companies.

So, it is expected that this exhibition will gain lots of profit for all companies as happened before in the first session of the exhibition.

To conclude, it is planned also to share and market many projects in the New capital of Egypt. As the exhibition will be a good step to revive the Egyptian real estate market.