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Elite Real Estate Exhibition promotes the Egyptian Economy & Foreign Investors

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As we tackled before the Elite Real Estate Exhibition as it is considered as a vital step to revive the Egyptian real estate market via the contribution of Arabian companies and companies from the gulf area, yesterday – the 9th of August- the second session of the Elite Real Estate Exhibition was held with the participation of 120 companies. However, the minister of housing, the minister of investment, and the chairman of real estate development chamber attend the exhibition.

Moreover, the main goal of the exhibition is to revive the Egyptian real estate market as it is one of the best real estate markets as a result of the constant demand for residential units because of the overpopulation. Of course, this is a main reason behind attracting the foreign investor to invest in the real estate market. So, there is a constant need to buy residential units.

Not only that, but also the government exerts great effort to revive the economic state of the country via endorsing the new law of investment that eases the investment process. Also, it is worth to mention that such real estate exhibitions participates in easing the communication between the companies and the clients, besides motivating the foreign investors to invest in the Egyptian real estate market.

To conclude, the Elite real estate exhibition that will be held until the 12th of August is considered as an important step to revive the Egyptian economy and attract the foreign real estate investment.