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Enjoy a Breathtaking Vacation in Sultan’s Suites – Turkey

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If you’re looking forward to spending a spectacular vacation this year away from life and work pressure.

What would be better than Turkey?

Choosing Turkey will be the best choice as there you can live in luxury and prosperity. especially if you chose to spend your vacation in one of those hotels that provide services at the highest level of quality, such as Sultan’s Suites Hotel.


Sultan’s Suites is located near to Ataturk International Airport, the Conference Center, the CNR Expo Center, The Subway Stop and the Metro Bus Station what makes it characterized by its great location near to different methods of transportation.

The Project Area:

Sultan’s Suites Hotel is one of numerous hotel suites group located inside nef Ataköy project which stretches over 20.000 meters square .

Services in Sultan’s Suites Hotel:

The most amazing thing in the hotel is that it provides a new concept that is called 254one which enables you to enjoy different services as you’ll have 25 additional special rooms such as cinema, music studio, football track, play station room and others, and the great news is that you’ll only pay the rooms that you use, using (Use-Pay System).

Units in the Hotel:

Some units have a wonderful sea view and the others have a luxury airport view.

The units’ areas range from 45 – 175 meters square .

In Sultan’s Suites, you’ll not only enjoy a luxury hotel accommodation as you can also do some shopping in one of the biggest open shopping malls in the project.

Enjoy a spectacular vacation this year in Sultan’s Suites Hotel in Turkey.