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Factors to Choose the Best Property in Saudi Arabia

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Even you want to rent or sell an apartment in Saudi Arabia, there are many factors that shall be taken into consideration while choosing the property that suits you and your family. These factors are:

  • Budget: Before choosing the property that may suit you, you have to set your budget and plan to know your abilities to buy, then you will be able to choose what suits your budget,
  • Choose the Suitable Season: You shall know that there are variety in the prices of the properties from a season to another. As it is common that the rental price increases in the summer and decreases in the winter,
  • Property Features: It is vital to choose a suitable property that its size can fit the number of your family members and their needs. Also, you shall choose a good ventilated home in which the rays of the sun can enter,
  • Location: The location of the property is one of the factors that shall be taken into consideration as it shall be near from the markets and the means of transportation to allow you to move easily from one place to another and to buy all your needs. Of course, this will affect the price of the property (even being high or low),
  • Floor: in which floor the property is located in, is a vital factor that shall be taken into consideration while choosing the suitable home as it determines the price of the property. Moreover, it is worth to mention that the price of the ground floors apartment are 30% higher than the apartments in higher floors as it may be attached with a garden,
  • Cost of Living: You shall test and study first the cost of Living in the area that you chose to live in and if it suits your budget or not,
  • Building Materials: You shall make sure of the quality of the building materials that are used while building. Also, you shall check the electricity, water and gas pipes, and others,
  • Price of the Property: You shall know that the price of the property that was built a year ago or seven years ago, does not differ from a newly built property. But, the price changes if the property was built more than seven years.

The previous factors will help you while renting or buying your own home in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.