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Famous Arabian real estate exhibitions

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Due to the daily evolution in the of real estate investment field and prosperity of competitive market among many investors, real estate exhibitions have become as a new communication channel between investors and customers. The importance of these real estate exhibitions exists in several causes, the most important causes is supporting economics of organizer state of these exhibitions, which play an active role in resolving the residential crisis. Knowledge of new customers through speed promotion and the opening of a new market in different countries are also the most important reasons of organizing these exhibitions.


This exhibition is one of the most important exhibitions which held in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It provides many available opportunities for investors and developers of real estate projects to offer their investments and different views on real estate investment.

We note also Cityscape is organized in Dubai and Abu Dhabi as it becomes a meeting between the investors and specialists of planning and construction in various regions of the world.

Next Move

This is one of the most important exhibitions which held in the Egyptian capital of Cairo where participation of many leading real estate companies and government agencies join hands with private companies to get the most suitable real estate solutions to keep up with real estate development.

Apex Dubai

This exhibition highlights the luxury real estate specifically and the various offerings in the world.


We identified the importance of the real estate exhibitions in many countries and most famous exhibitions organized by the Arab countries to participate through it.

You can visit Murabahat website and know the most important real estate exhibitions which are participated by it, as you can identify different real estate services.