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Floating the Egyptian Pound and Investing in Real Estate

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According to the current circumstances, the economic crisis, and the high prices, there is a prediction that the country may enter a “Recession” economic period as a result of floating the Egyptian pound, increasing the demand, and decreasing the supply.

However, floating the currency means liberating the currency exchange rate and not setting a fixed price for it. It will be determined according to the mechanisms of demand and supply. So, taking the Egyptian situation as an example, the floating of the Egyptian pound in such unstable economic situation will affect the whole economy of the country as a result of its deterioration as the need/demand arises versus the rate of importing by dollar.

But the question is, does the real estate investment will be a survival way and a source of profit for investors or people who work abroad? So in the following few lines, Murabahat will tackle all aspects related to real estate investment and how to guarantee a profit in such unstable economy that we all suffer from.

Real Estate Investment is better than Saving Money in Banks

According to the international banks, the conventions, the price of the dollar, and the exchange rate, investment in real estate will be the lifeline in such cruel circumstances. As many investors think that saving money in the banks is the best solution and the safest way ever for profit. But, the question is, how this will be in such currency floating and the constant devaluation? Banks do not guarantee any tangible increasing for your saving as a direct result of floating and currency devaluation. Banks only guarantee fixed money increment that cannot face the constant increment, the import increment, and currency floating. So, real estate investment will be the suitable solution that will guarantee profit and save your capital as a result of price increment, the price of properties will too. That’s why you will gain profit.


Real Estate investment is the most suitable solution instead of bank savings as it can face the high prices, the floating, and such bad economic situation.