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Galleria Moon Valley for a Luxurious Life

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If you’re a fan of luxury, beauty, elegance, quite places, and dream of a home in the heart of the city surrounded by swimming pools, Galleria Moon Valley is the one for you. It’s located in New Cairo, 4 km away from the American university.

The compound is characterized by many features that distinct it from other compounds.

What makes Galleria Moon Valley the best compound in the fifth settlement?

  • The compound is located in an area of 71 acres. It is divided into 18% residential buildings and 82% greeneries and roads,
  • The interfaces  of the buildings are covered with stones and glass which form beautiful artworks,
  • As for the buildings’ entrances, they’re covered with high-quality granite and marble,
  • Every building consists of basement, ground floor, first floor, second floor, and third floor,
  • In every basement, there is parking area,
  • In some buildings, the ground floor has a garden and a swimming pool,
  • As for the first and second floor, it is characterized by beautiful terrace with a magnificent view,
  • The third floor also contains a special roof and swimming pool,
  • The compound contains penthouses which we’ve tackled before,
  • The most distinctive feature of the compound is the solar energy system that generates power,
  • As for the internet, they use high-speed “Fiber Optics”,
  • The security system is available 24/h,
  • Inside the compound, there are many shopping centers, health centers, and social clubs.

Galleria Moon Valley compound is near the airport and characterized by its special prices.