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Guide for buying the suitable property

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Buying a home is not such a lightly decision that can be taken easily. Home is used to be the place where each and every one of us, need to feel secure and tranquility. So, it is vital to choose it perfectly to match your personality and to make you feel comfortable as we spend a lot of time at home.

In the next few lines, MRESCO will tell you some important tips that shall be known while deciding and choosing your life-time house.

1- How to find a property?

There are too many different ways through which you can find and search for your home that you used to dream of:

* Through Real estate agents

* Searching in the newspapers

* Surfing the internet and searching for the suitable property

* Contacting house building companies to provide you with the latest news regarding the new properties that will be built in a certain area

2- Choosing a property

Firstly, when you draw the image of your dreamed life-time home and finally you find your exact purpose. The next step that you shall take is to arrange a timing with the owner to have a look at it to make sure that it is the perfect choice as you will need to know if you are going to spend any additional extra money on the property or not, e.g. for repairs or decoration.

3- Different types of Properties

Freehold / Common-hold property: This type of properties means that the buyer will not pay any additional rent or fees for the land on which the property is built on; even this land is part of the sale.

Leasehold Property: This type of properties means that the buyer will pay a ground rent to the owner as the land on which the property is built on, is not part of the sale.

4- Things to bear in mind while choosing any property

Go for choosing a long haul home

Check the surroundings


Check the build-mark warranty

Neighborhood and home Amenities

School district

Proximity to work


Proximity to family and friends

Proximity to leisure activities


Choosing a suitable property is one of the important decisions that one takes once in a life time. So, it is vital to choose it carefully and decorate it in a way that comforts you.