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Halal Tourism in Turkey

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We can’t deny that turkey became one of the most amazing touristic countries; it became a destination for many people in Arabic world and Europe too. This depends on many factors, landmarks, cleanliness, low prices and the way the Turkish people welcome their guests too. In addition to all of that, turkey succeeded also in presenting what is called “Halal Tourism” which is compatible with all the rules of the Islamic shari’aK and although turkey is not an Islamic country, but this kind of tourism succeeded a lot, and most of the visitors are Turkish.

Combining between halal tourism and ordinary tourism

Turkey combined between Halal tourism and ordinary Tourism, each one has its visitors. It allocated whole resorts and hotels for this kind of tourism, in which they don’t offer alcohol, and there are strict rules for those who don’t apply this, moreover all types of food are Halal. In addition there are swimming pools for women and others for men, plus swimming pools for families where men and kids can swim but women should wear full clothes, something called “borkeny” it is a swimming suits for veiled women. There is a mosque for praying.

Providing equipped Hotels

Turkey cares a lot about this kind of tourism as the number of hotels which offer Halal tourism increased from only 5 hotels to 50 hotels which served about 5 million tourists. Turkey comes after Malaysia in offering Halal tourism, and visitors increase every year. As the tourists find what they search for, a place to relax and spending a special vacation and keeping their traditions and religion rules, and that’s exactly what the Turkish hotels offer.

Customize places for women

Halal Tourism in turkey succeeded in serving the category of Muslims tourists as there are about 1 billion Muslims around the world. Moreover unlike some resorts which offer Halal touristic services keep it only for men, but Turkey offers all those services for women too in private places.

That’s why turkey succeeded in attracting all categories to a special Turkish tourism services, on the other hand, it could depend on tourism as one of the sources of the national income.


Halal tourism is a definition that appeared recently to explain the touristic services that are compatible with the Islamic Shari’a like not offering alcoholic drinks, and to have a mosque for the 5 prayers, and offering Halal Food.