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A Holy Hajj with Hajar Tower Mövenpick

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A few days and Dhu Al-Hijjah month will start and the pilgrims will come to perform Hajj; one of the five pillars of Islam. So, as the comfort of pilgrims is our higher priority, Murabahat for Real Estate Solutions offers Sokouk for Hajar Tower Mövenpick which overlooks the Holy Haram and in front of King Abdul Aziz Gate. This is managed by Mövenpick; the Swiss chain of hotels and resorts. There, you will enjoy the sense of spiritually in Mecca.

Features of Hajar Tower Mövenpick

The tower is part of Abraj Al Bait towers. It is few meters from the Holy Haram and Kaaba. Such unique location in the heart of Mecca, allows you to have all the needed services and facilities around you. For example, you will be able to see the Holy Haram and Kaaba directly. There is a medical center, restaurants, free Wi-Fi, medical services around the clock, security system, and a commercial mall that has almost 600 shop.

Moreover, you will enjoy a mechanism system that broadcast the prayers directly from the Holy Haram to the hotel rooms.

Regarding the rooms in the tower, you will have all the facilities like LCD television, waiter service, and an amazing oriental furniture.

However, there are many payment facilities up to 24 months. Also, there is are special facilities for the cash payment.

Wish you a Holy Hajj and a perfect hotel service in Hajar Tower Mövenpick.