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Honeymoon in Turkey

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Honeymoon for newly married couples is considered a haunting idea of planning, for several reasons, the most important of the cost, and the second the fear of failure and missing of enjoyable holiday because of the lack of sufficient experience to know all places, we’ll talk here about the state of Turkey, which is one of the best options testimony of many newlyweds, where the flight costs with accommodation for several offers of tourist companies does not exceed 3,000 pounds or less, and for the cost of the food and prices almost similar to prices in Egypt.

Now we can talk about the tourist places and the selection of the most suitable city for honeymooners, Turkey has several tourist cities but every city is characterized by a certain quiet nature which is different from the other so it is preferred when determining your destination city to combine nature, large commercial centers and the possibility of cruising, these specifications are available only in Istanbul as it is the second capital of the State of Turkey, Istanbul city includes many places and neighborhoods full of hotels, and the best choice in terms of price and near the tourist places and important neighborhoods as Sirkeci neighborhood, this neighborhood is very close to the sea at the same time is located next to the Sultan Ahmed Mosque on the one hand and other side is close to the Egyptian market, it has several archaeological and religious places, and also contain several Metro stations and bus stations as well as naval vessels stations, which is a means of entertainment and mobility at the same time. In this region there are also several places to shop, whether to buy clothes, gifts, or even foods, also in the same area there are a number of famous archaeological museums and palaces of the Ottoman era, large gardens attached to these palaces, and all these authorized by the General to Login where they can enjoy a romantic atmosphere and pick up souvenir pictures.

Honeymoon in a different city or state is an expensive process, so it will usually be from 5 to 7 days only and that’s enough to enjoy any city.

Now conclude that the city change and life in hotel is fun experience in itself in addition to all the archeological sites and the availability of many marine spaces and places, shopping malls, and gardens which add fun and memorable experience for honeymoon vacation and give a beautiful beginning of a happy life, also re-experience be interesting to reconsider the most beautiful memories and erase pressure life raised.