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Illegal Immigration: Supporters and Opponents

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Illegal Immigration has become a dream for many youth as from their point of view they think that it will guarantee a lavish living for them. But the question is, will they really get that? Or it will end up that they are in a foreign country away from family in addition to suffering from the difficulty of living and the pursuit of “a living”! if they could reach safely without any exposure to drowning accidents that we used to hear about.

Many opinions concerning this issue between supporters and opponents. That’s why in this article, Murabahat will tackle some of these opinions.

Opponents of Illegal Immigration:

Some opponents see that those thirty thousand pounds that the immigrants have collected, worth to get invested in small projects, or paid as a deposit in an apartment, or any other thing. They also think that those immigrants are such stupid guys who have ruined their future, life, and money via thinking wrong that they’ll have a better life out there. Also, some of them believe that living abroad isn’t that easy besides the feeling of alienation and loneliness.

Supporters of Illegal Immigration:

As for the supporters, they believe that the reason that made those youth take this risk is much harder than the risk itself and that many reasons such as the dollar crisis was a cause of this problem.


whether you’re supporter or opponent for illegal immigration, you can’t deny that it is a crisis that needs urgent solutions.