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Importance of Online Classified Advertising for your Property

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If you are a property owner, a real estate agent, a broker, etc., so your target is to sell your property and reach the suitable buyer or customer. That’s why you need to be aware of the new methods or ways that help you in marketing your property. Nowadays, we live in the world of technology and internet. That’s why being online and marketing your property online became a vital thing to let people know about it which consequently will help in renting or selling it too quickly.

So, in the following few lines, Murabahat will tackle one of the main types of online advertising. It is called “Classified Advertising”.

1- What is Classified Advertising and its Importance in Real Estate Field?

Classified Advertising is a type of online advertising. It can have a long or a short description according to the info that needed to be highlighted. This type of advertising can contain property description, images, videos, and the means of communication between you and the buyer. Also, this type of advertising has many advantages as it is classified. In other words, there are many departments or sections. There are many websites that have such classification like the cars section, the real estate section, the recruitment section, etc. Such classification eases the search process as the user can find what he needs easily and quickly. On the other hand, as an owner, you will guarantee marketing your property in the right path as the advertisement will be shown to the suitable customers. Also, you can put all the property info and the means of communication. However, the classified advertising is cheaper in compare to other advertising methods.

2- Types of Classified Advertising

There are two types of the online classified advertising which are the free advertising as you can publish and market your property without paying money, while the other type is the paid advertising. The paid advertising is divided into two types: the pay per click ads like Facebook and Google Adwords. This can be done via using the most searchable keywords by the users. The other type is using the banners ads. It can be done via booking an online space in one of the online websites to advertise your property.


The classified advertising is one of the important methods that eases the communication between the buyer and the property owner. That’s why as an owner or a real estate company, you have to make use of such service to guarantee a good marketing for your property to reach the targeted customers.