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Important things shouldn’t be missed for Hajj and Umrah trip

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Many Muslims travel to Saudi Arabia for a pilgrimage and Umrah over the year, and eeks every Muslim seeks to do properly rituals without causing any problems that may disturb the trip, so you should take care about equipment and preparation for the trip. Now we present some important things shouldn’t be missed on your trip for Hajj and Umrah.

Medicines and pharmaceuticals

If you suffer from some diseases, you have to prepare the appropriate quantity of medicines that it is taken, as you should prepare some important pharmaceutical such as a toothbrush and private detergent.

Your phone charger

You must be sure to take your Mobile charger because of some circumstances may lead you to move away from your specific location to another for any reason and this requires the willingness of your Mobile and charging its battery always to provide the possibility of using it at any time.

Prayer mat

It is preferable to use a special Prayer mat to use during the transition from one place to another as this Prayer mat preferably be made of a suitable material so that it can be used anywhere on the go.

Small bag

During your trip you may need to carry some simple things and personal belongings such as a water bottle, some canned goods, important papers and personal documents, so these things requires a small bag easy to carry while walking.

Personal Tools

For more security, you can bring your personal tools, in order to avoid infection by others. Take your personal scissors, your private spoon and cups. And to feel more comfortable and safe bring some herbs and canned food.


Now we get the most important things that should be prepared before trip for Hajj and Umrah, such as medicines and pharmaceuticals, phone charger, prayer mat, small bag, personal gadgets.

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