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Travelling is based on finding out new cultures and places, in addition to the spirit of adventure and discovering, and some relaxation too away from the daily routine. So choosing unique places is something so important before preparing your trip, one of those places is Indonesia. It is a tropical country with amazing nature, forests, mountains and green lands in addition to the equatorial atmosphere. It is consists of 17 thousand islands but 3000 thousand island only are populated. Many religions and cultures live there with each other, Christians, Buddhists and Muslims; they are the biggest category as the Islam is the main religious there. If you are planning to visit Indonesia you have to know some information about the most famous countries there:

  • Jakarta

The capital and the first touristic country in Indonesia, 12 million persons live there. It is considered to be one of the important commercial centers in Indonesia. Include a lot of touristic attractions like jaya ancol resort, teman impian garden which has a full version for whole Indonesia, and Monas tower which is a memorial in the middle of the city and you can see the whole city from it, in addition to museums and markets.


  • Bandung

A main road is linking between it and Jakarta and it is a unique touristic destination. It has an amazing nature and good weather, and other attractions like Ciater with it’s amazing activities, you can also enjoy the water falls and Tankoban Braho volcano with hot water come outside the earth.


  • Baly

One of the unique cities of Indonesia, famous of its amazing beaches like Kota beach with its soft sand and it is suitable for surfing, Nusa Doa beach which has a lot of marine events, you can also visit monkeys forest and have a ride with the bike to see Obod village.


Generally your trip to Indonesia will be amazing it has a lot of touristic adventures, markets, hotels and good prices too. You will also enjoy the Indonesian food with many spices and colors that will make you hungry. Plus the amazing nature that will make you just relax.


Indonesia is one of the amazing touristic countries, but before starts your trip try to gain some information about this big city with its different cultures people.