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Gold Investment or Real Estate Investment

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A lot of us got confused while thinking about investing money. All of us always search for the most secure and the safest way for investment. So, in this article Mresco will tackle the difference between investing in gold and investing in real estate field.

First: Real Estate Investment


  • The prices of the property is in a permanent increment,
  • The investor can rent the property and get a fixed monthly income from it,
  • The risk is not a high one,
  • High profits.


Like any investment, investing in real estate has disadvantages which would increase if the investor did not pay attention to them or even study the market well.

Secondly: Gold Investment


  • The price of the gold is used to increase,
  • The investor can invest in gold with a fewer amount of money than what is required for investing in properties,
  • Long-term profits


The risk in investing in gold is high as the prices of are not in a permanent increment as it may fall and drop back because of the variable factors that affect the prices of the gold such as the changes of oil and dollar prices.

So, from the previous, we conclude that both investing in gold and property have advantages and disadvantages. Also, it worth mentioning that choosing the appropriate type of investment depends on different factors such as the amount of money which will be invested.


The investor should study the market well, define the risks, and define how to avoid such risks to get high profits from the investment.