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Investment in Emirates: Building New Projects

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According to the updates and the reports, it has been announced that investment in Emirates is a crucial step to revive economy and investment. Also, it is expected that almost 2,923 units will be built as a part of the plan to construct 7 new projects in the upcoming July.

Projects’ Details

It is expected that 7 projects will be built; 3 of them will be in Dubai Creek Harbor area and 2 of them will be in Emaar El-Ganoub area. However, the details of the other areas are as follow:

  • Downtown view 2 project in Downtown Dubai,
  • Vida Residence project in Dubai Marina area,
  • Golf View project in Emaar El-Ganoub area,
  • Arbana 2 project in Emaar El-Ganoub area,
  • Harbor Gate Project in Dubai Creek Harbor area,
  • Creek Gate project in Dubai Creek Harbor area,
  • The Cove 2 in Dubai Creek Harbor area.

Moreover, Omran for real estate development has announced that there are 3 projects that will be built in Emirate of Sharjah. It is expected that these projects will be an integrated Residential and commercial cities. Also, it will contain a resort and a shopping center. Besides, it is expected to develop Mariam Island and turn it to a huge area for investment.

To conclude, building new units and real estate projects in the United Arab of Emirates is a trial to promote and revive the economy.