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Kiswa of Ka’ba

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Few days and Ka’ba will be dressed its new clothes which is designed especially for it every year. Every year in 9 zy l heja, Ka’ba is dressed a new amazing clothes made from the finest types of silk with embroidery of pure gold and silver.

Kiswa of Ka’ba History

Kiswa was made in Egypt every year and to be presented to Saudi Arabia, and for some years Egypt stop making the Kiswa, and it was presented by India instead. This was before King Abdel Aziz order to build a factory specialized in designing and manufacturing the kiswa in Saudi Arabia. The first Kiswa made in the kingdom was in 1346 hegri. One Kiwsa needs from 8 to 10 months. It is changed once every year, and the internal kiswa changed every 4 years because there is not climatic conditions.

Manufacturing stages for Kiswa of Ka’ba

The process of manufacturing the Kiswa starting with importing the finest types of fabrics from Italy and Germany, then it is cleaned and dyed with two colors green and black. It needs about 700 kilo of silk. After that auto weaving and manual weaving take place. The third stage is laboratory, where the quality is tested and the percentages of colors used in dying.  The fourth stage is printing the design of the inscriptions, and then embroidering the cloth with golden and silver threads. And the last stage is assembling the kiswa and delivering it.

Kiswa of Ka’ba factory

The Kiswa’s factory was established in 1346 Higri in AL Jeyad district, and then it was moved to El tayseer district, and finally was moved to Om Eljoud district in 1397. It includes about 200 workers, and has the latest machines. It has a gallery includes samples of old Kiswa of Ka’ba, like part of the kiswa that was presented by Egypt and India and the internal kiswa too. This factory is considered one of the touristic attractions in the kingdom with 50,000 annual visitors, the number of visitors increase in holidays and seasons like Ramadan and Haj.




The process of manufacturing the Kiswa passes by many stages, and fabricated from the finest types of threads, with golden and silver embroidering.