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Know the Best Timing to Buy an Apartment

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Finding the suitable property/apartment is the dream that all of used to dream about. All of us have imagined that apartment to be the source of rest and relaxation. But, before taking such vital step, one shall know and put into consideration some important points like the best timing to buy, the best places, and other important information regarding buying, renting, and contracts.

1- The Best Timing and the Best Places/Locations

While deciding to buy a new property/apartment, it is preferred to choose certain timing including the beginning of the academic year, winter season, or at the beginning of December as it is the half of the fiscal year. These periods or timing are the best as the prices are reasonable as the offered are more than the demand. So, the owners or the real estate companies tend to lower the prices to motivate people to buy.

However, the best places or locations that it are preferred to search for a property in it are as follow: fifth settlement, 6 of October city, sheikh zayed city, and others. These are the best locations as they are far from crowd, overpopulation and also it can be reached easily from the down town.

2- Information about Buying and Selling

  • One shall study the real estate market well and know everything about it before buying. Also, it is important to be sure of the proportionality between the purchasing rate and the personal capabilities,
  • Investment in real estate is the type of investment that is known by its stability and security,
  • Summer is one of the important seasons as the demand for the apartments arises heavily; especially the summer vacations apartments. So, summer is a good season for investment and gain profit,
  • While investing in real estate in any country, one shall study the market well and know the legislation well,
  • Be sure of having the enough needed money besides knowing how to get out of the crises,
  • Know the taxes and the required fees.


Real estate field, even it is for investment or buying only, is a huge market that shall be studied well and one shall know everything about it to avoid any loss and get the suitable apartment.