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Between Two Difficulties … The Low-Income Class Suffer from Properties High Prices

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The Egyptian citizen suffers from the high prices of all goods and products which consequently affect the real estate market and the prices of the properties. So, the low-income citizen is the only one who suffers from all of these and affords such burden.

So, Properties High Prices can be tackled via:
Between the supporters and the opponents and the relation between the needs and the offered needs, the economic crisis is the main motivator behind such increment. So, while talking about the prices of the properties in particular, it cannot be related to the overpopulation, but it is related to the movement from one place to another. However, such high prices of the properties are due to the general economic crisis and the monopoly of the real estate’s owners.

In addition, the reasons that motivate the property’s owners to increase the prices can be tackled via:

On the contrary, like any other business owner, the property’s owners also search for the profit and how to increase their income through buying or renting. As they also get harmed from the general high prices of the building equipments. Consequently, the owners raise the price of the property as it is their only income; as firstly he is a normal citizen who wants to earn his income. So, how can we ask the owners to decrease the rate of renting as they also suffer from the high prices like any other person while buying their daily needs? As, such crisis relates to the general economic status and how to achieve the balance rightly.

However, it is worth to mention that the real estate prices have increased for almost 30% as the government announces offering apartments for the low-income class. These apartments range from 2500 to 4350 per meter. But, these prices do not suit the low-income class because of the low salaries. Consequently, the other classes get benefit from these apartments.

So, the question is … What is the real motivator behind the high prices of apartments and how to overcome such crisis?


In a nutshell, it worth to mention that both sides (the citizen and the owner) are low-income citizens who suffer from the high prices as they are victim of the economic crisis.