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Difference between Marketer, Broker, and Real Estate Developer

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If you’re one of those who are interested in real estate market or someone who is willing to invest in such field, then you’ve to be aware of every expression that you may hear in it and the role of everybody who is working in it.


So, in the following few lines, Murabahat will tackle the difference between Marketer, Broker, and Real Estate Developer.

1- Real Estate Marketer:

It is the company or the person who launches campaigns for the purpose of selling real estate projects and supervises the completion of the sale’s deals. Also, they search, make studies, and e-market internally and externally. Additionally, he gets his commission from the owner or the developer.

2- Broker:

There’s a common confusion in defining the difference between the tasks of the marketer and the broker as both of them market for specific properties. So, to end this confusion we’re going to tackle the tasks of the broker.

The broker has a small office and searches for the people who are interested in selling or buying specific properties. Also, the deals got completed in the presence of both the buyer and the owner as he takes his commission from both of them.

3- Real Estate Developer:

The Real Estate Developer is the person who is in charge of executing the projects as he makes feasibility studies, puts strategies, chooses the contractors, supervises them, resolves the problems with the lowest cost, and monitors the project till the end.


If you decided to get into real estate market, there are a lot of expressions that you need to know. Above, we’ve tackled some of them.