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Medical Tips for Haj

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Preparations for Haj include medical preparations, especially the Haj trip is long and hard, and so you have to prepare well to be healthy during this trip so you can do all rituals with your best performance. Care about those things when preparing your bag for Haj:

  • Cotton clothes
  • Personal cleaning tools like your tooth brush, shaving machine, and your hair brush.
  • Small bag for medicines, take suitable amount for the whole trip, or more for emergencies.
  • Some medicines need special care when moving from place to another, like medicines need low temperature; you can put it in a small ice box, and when you arrive you can put it in the fridge.
  • A bag for emergency medicines which include:
  • Pain reliever and antipyretic
  • Pills for colic, vomiting, and allergy
  • Lotion cream
  • Antibiotic cream for dermatitis
  • First aids, medical gauze, and blaster
  • Medicines for cold flu, but it’s forbidden for blood pressure patients

Medical Tips during Haj trip

  • Drink a lot of water to compensate salts and fluids that body loses.
  • Have your breakfast meal every day and small meals during the whole day to stay fit and light.
  • Stay away from anyone has flu, it’s recommended to put a mask especially when being in crowded places.
  • Keep some sugary things with.
  • Keep cleaning yourself and keep washing your hands
  • Keep your feet dry.


If you are chosen by God to visit Ka’aba, you have to keep your health good during Haj trip, because good health and fit body will help you a lot in performing all Haj’s rituals.