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Mekka Museums

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Muslims visit Mekka every year in Hajj and Umrah’s times, and the two holy mosques are considered the most famous Islamic landmarks there, but there are of landmarks and monuments in Mekka, it’s the most country for religious tourism because of its position in the Islamic world. Mekka include a lot of museums which established recently to narrate the history of Islamic monuments in Mekka, the prophet’s biography and the landmarks of the two holy mosques, presenting a lot of important information about the holy mosques history, other mosques, the prophet’s collectibles and others.

  • The two holy mosques museum

The opening was in 1420 Hijiri, it narrates the history of the two holy mosques. It’s divided into 7 departments, including 2 models for the holy mosques, artifacts like a one of the Ka’aba pillars back to the first century of Higra, the crescent of the main lighthouse of the prophet’s mosque back to the second century of Higra, old fence of the Zamzam’s well, and an old ladder of Ka’aba in addition to two of its doors. The oldest piece in this museum is an old copy of quran back to Othman Ebn Affan’s age.

  • Peace be upon you prophet’s Museum

It was established with modern technology to present the prophet’s biography in the best way, a very impressive presentation inside the museum which includes more than 1500 pieces between antiquities of prophet and other pieces show how was things in the age of the prophet. A model explains how Mekka was looking like the prophet era.

  • Mekka Museum

One of the touristic destinations in Mekka, it includes the old and modern history of Mekka, before Islam, after Islam, and the Saudi era. It includes 15 halls like, Mekka before history, the prophet biography, monuments of Saudi Arabia, the holy mosque architecture, Mekka heritage, pilgrim, the history of education and the history of writing.


Mekka has many other monuments, and those museums try to tell the world about all this history and Islamic landmarks.