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Modern Turkey

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The Turkish experience is considered to be one of the best in the modern age, many countries consider it an example to follow, as turkey was one of the 3rd world countries and was suffering from many problems. But as a result of professional planning and studying, turkey occupied an important position between European and Arabic countries, in short time.

Turkey doesn’t have many resources like gas and oil, but it depended on the technological development and establishing good infrastructure, in addition to developing the services like transportation, collecting garbage, cleaning and urban planning, besides the development of the Turkish tourism which is considered as a result to the development of the previous services.

Turkey didn’t only find solution to its problems, but it chose investment solutions that get profit to the country, as turkey solved the problem of the garbage which was causing diseases, through a big project depending on pressing the garbage and then burying it for while then extract methane gas which is used to generate electricity, and this is so profitable and helps generating electricity.

Turkey was suffering from a water problem in the 90s, the water was not reaching everyone, but turkey built more dams in order to deliver water to everyone. Another point is water purification, as the water comes from after pressing the garbage is purified through specialized factory to be proper for agriculture.

Turkey also developed the transportation system; it established the Metro Bus, some buses passing by 45 stations, and is considered to be cheaper and faster. Through the metro bus, the government saves time and oil especially during the traffic. Turkey cared also about water transportation, it developed the water taxi which saves a lot of time, and it is a mean of transportation that Turks use usually not just a project that is not used.

Many elements united to make this unique Turkish experience; the most important is predicting the crisis and then prepare for the solution, modern turkey doesn’t wait till the crisis happen then try to solve it, instead they take precautions in order not to let the crisis happen, in addition to that they try to find radical solutions.

Modern turkey also cares about technology especially in the field of roads and transportations to make it easier for people, as the roads are monitored by cameras to follow accidents and infractions. Moreover any citizen could know everything about the traffic status right now through an application on his phone.

Turkey is one of the most successful countries in the modern era; many of the European countries take it and example to follow as it overcame many crises in short time.


Turkey’s success didn’t come consistently but out of study and practical experience in all fields, that’s why turkey deserved to be an idol country.