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Movenpick Hajar Tower for Ramadan Umrah

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Just a few days left for the best 30 days of the year, the holy month of Ramadan when people tend to perform Umrah and more rituals. So, Murabahat for real estate solutions provides Movenpick Hajar Tower for the best stay.

Features of Movenpick Hajar Tower:

Movenpick Hajar Tower recently has received two international awards which are the International Crystal Standards Certificate, a certificate given to hotels based on their safety, cleanliness, food and beverages check and cleanliness and security.

Also, in a competition between 280 hotels, Movenpick Hajar Tower has received the Continental Award for 2018, an award given to hotels that comply with food safety standards, cleanliness and security.

In addition, Trip Advisor Company has awarded Movenpick Hajar Tower “Traveler Choice Prize” for 2018 for being:

  • One of the top 25 luxury hotels,
  • One of the top 25 hotels regarding the provided services,
  • One of the top 25 hotels that are suitable for families.

The location of Movenpick Hajar Tower:

Movenpick Hajar Tower is characterized by its location in one of the tallest towers all over the world, in front of King Abdulaziz Gate, near to Al-Haram as the rooms of the hotel are overlooking the holy Kaaba.

Services Provided in Movenpick Hajar Tower:

It contains all needed services such as restaurants that provide different types of foods to suit all visitors from all over the world, currency conversion service, free WI-FI, car rental service, safe, tour guide service, and many other services offered at the highest level.

Enjoy a special stay at Movenpick Hajar Tower and enjoy Umrah atmosphere in Ramadan in one of the best hotels in the world.