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New Capital of Egypt: New Start

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The new administrative capital or the new capital of Egypt as it is called, is a new chance to develop Egypt’s economy and solve the problem of over population that Cairo used to suffer from in the previous period.

The new capital of Egypt is a cooperative project between Egypt and the United Arab of Emirates that aims to build a new capital for Egypt with perfect features and smart infrastructure; to revive the Egyptian economy.

Facts about the Project of the New Capital of Egypt

  1. Location: According to the declaration in the economic conference concerning the New Capital of Egypt, it is supposed that the new capital will be in the east of Cairo, in the area between Cairo-Suez street and Cairo-Sokhna street,
  2. Size: the New Capital of Egypt will be almost 178 thousand acre,
  3. Number of Residential Units: it is supposed to be almost 25 thousand units,
  4. Garden of the New Capital of Egypt: it is almost 8 kilometer,
  5. Size of each Single Unit: it is supposed to be ranged from 100 meter to 180 meter,
  6. It is also supposed to build almost 4 hundred villas,
  7. Also, the new capital will be connected to a railway,
  8. Companies that will participate in the project: Talaat Mostafa Company, Orascom Company, Petrojet Construction Company, Arab Contractors company, and also Concord and Wadi El-Nile. All these companies will be dedicated to construct and build certain units.


It is expected that the project of the new capital of Egypt will eliminate the over population. It is considered as a trial to revive the Egyptian economy. Also, it is worth to mention that there will be an entertainment area in the new capital. So, it will be an integrated project.