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New Year Celebrations All Over the World

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With the approach of the New Year eve, people around the world are getting ready to welcome the New Year full of excitement and jollity.

So, Murabahat will present the traditions of celebrating in many countries around the world.

  1. New York: Most of the Americans (about million) celebrate the new year eve in Times Square waiting for the famous ball drop while counting down to the midnight-the beginning of the new year- with the fireworks launching,
  2. Denmark: Danish people celebrate the new year eve in a strange way as they save a lot of dishes and throw it that night on the threshold of their friends and family members and in the next morning the one who finds much dishes in front of his door is considered to be a happy person throughout the year,
  3. London: on the Thames river many people gather around the big Ben watch waiting for the 12:00 to ring amongst the processions of horses, proms, and fireworks,
  4. Dubai: Burj Khalifa offers one of biggest fireworks shows all over the world. Also, the New Year eve in Dubai takes place in conjunction with Dubai Shopping Festival which starts on 26-December and lasts for a whole month.


It’s interesting to know about the traditions and customs of the New Year’s celebrations in the surrounded countries.

Above, we’ve tackled some of these traditions.