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Owner’s Problems and How to Cancel the Tenant’s Contract?

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Most of us think that real estate owners live in a total high standard way of living as they are owners, have a stable income, and consequently they control the price of properties. On the contrary, there are many problems that face the owners which make them away from the idea of real estate investment as it has many problems.


So, Murabahat for Real Estate Solutions will tackle the problems that face the owners to aware them and take care from the tenants. Besides, tackling the steps that shall be followed to cancel the tenant’s contract.

1- Owner’s Problems

The Tenants: Lots of the owners face the “naughty” tenants who can be described as a burden to the owners. Some of them does not pay the monthly rental amount on time; without taking into consideration that the owner also need that money for his personal needs or debt. While there is a type of tenants who cause a lot of problems with their neighbors. The last type of tenants is the one who think that the owner is responsible for any damage in the apartment even it is a matter of changing a lighting texture.


So, to face such problems, the owner and the tenant shall discuss these problems to handle the situation and know if the tenant will pay the rental price or not; due to an emergency situation or what. For the naughty tenant, the owner shall make sure of such complain and if the neighbors are right or it is just rumors.


Technical Flaws in the Property: Lots of owners suffer from that the tenants do not stay long in the apartment. So, the owner shall make sure of the reasons behind such thing as it may be because a fatal flaw in the property like gas, electricity, and water.

2- How to Cancel the Tenant Contract?

If the problems arose between the owner and the tenant and canceling the contract is the solution, so the owner shall give the tenant almost two months to leave the home and if the tenant refuse, the owner shall go to the court.


Both the owner and the tenant shall know their rights and their duties and make sure that the contract’s items include all the agreed terms and conditions.