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Penthouse … Luxurious Living

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In the last period, we’ve heard about penthouse which guarantees privacy and luxurious living. So, in this article, Murabahat will tackle the concept of it, its features, and where is it?

1- What is Penthouse?

It’s the apartment that is located in the highest or the last floor of a building and characterized by the glassy walls which enables you to have a complete view of the outside street from your house. That’s why, it is vital to choose high floors for this penthouse in order to provide you with the needed privacy away from the snooping of the neighbours.

2- What are the Features of Penthouse?

Penthouses always get the biggest care and services. In some real estate projects, there is a special elevator and entrance for it, or it is a two-floor house. As for the flooring, it’s usually made of a high-quality marble. Also, the glass of windows is characterized by sensors that sense the humidity, the temperature, and the wind in order to suit the weather.

Where Can You Find It?

Recently, this type of apartments become more common. For instance, there are lots of penthouses in the USA as it’s appeared for the first time in the USA, in UAE, and in compounds in Egypt such as “Galleria Moon Valley” in fifth settlement.

If you’re a lover of quietness and can’ t live away from the city, penthouses suit you the best as it’ll enable you to have a panoramic view of the city above the sky.