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With Prices: Murabahat’s Guide to live in Cairo

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As we tackled before the factors that can help you to choose the suitable property and the difference between living in compounds and living in districts, today we are going to tackle the average prices in many different areas; to make it clear for you to choose the best.

  1. New Cairo: Most of us prefer living in New Cairo as it is known by its high standard of living and being near to the ring road and shokna road. But, many of us do not know the average price per meter. For example, “Al-Aahyaa” district which is divided into the first, second, third, and fourth areas, is a populated district and 85% of public facilities are available there. The average price per meter there starts from 6000 to 8000. Also, if you search for a quiet place and fabulous architecture designs, you shall choose the east and south academy areas. The price per meter there ranges from 6500 to 7000. However, if you choose Al-Banafsag area as it is near Al-Rehab, you shall know that the price per meter starts from 5500.
  2. Maadi: Sarayat Maadi is known by being luxury and quiet which is the reason that most of us prefer living there. The price per meter starts from 14000. Moreover, some people prefer living in Zahraa Maadi as there you can find Waadi Degla Club. However, the price per meter there ranges from 4000 to 10000.
  3. Masr El-Gedida: Masr El-Gedida districts are known by its unique architecture especially Korba district, Ard Al-Golf, etc. The average price per meter in Korba is 10000. However, the average price per meter for Almaza and Sherton areas, ranges from 7000 to 8000.

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