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Procedures to Follow while Buying/Renting a Property

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After choosing the suitable property for you according to its features, advantages, and being near or far from the public services, here comes the final vital step which is the procedures that shall be followed while buying or renting a property to guarantee your right as a buyer, tenant, or an owner. As many of us are not aware of the steps or the legal procedures that shall be followed. So, in the following few lines, Murabahat for real estate solutions will tackle such steps to allow you to know your rights and your duties.

  1. For Commercial Real Estate: It is vital to have a lawyer for both sides while completing the deal. As the lawyer has an experience in the contract’s items and also he supervises the whole legal procedures and makes sure that the contract is right and guarantee the rights of both sides,
  2. For Residential Real Estate: a lawyer can attend the signing of the contract or not. But, before signing and completing the deal, you have to go to the district or the governorate that the property relates to it and make sure of its contract. Also, you can go to the Real Estate publicity Department to give the contract a legal style,
  3. For the Insurance amount of Money: the tenant has to pay two months down payment as this will save the owner right.


The previous was just some important points that shall be followed while finishing the procedures of buying or renting a property.