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What about Properties Price in Gulf and how this will affect Real Estate Investment?

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Most of us has lots of questions about real estate market and the offer and demand equation of properties in the Gulf and if the prices will be decreased or increased. Not only that, but also many of us ask about if real estate in Gulf will be affected by the internal and the external factors like the price of petroleum and other factors or not. So, let us discuss the following points and know the pros and the cons:

  • The drop in the price of the petroleum is one of the factors that affect the real estate market and fund in Gulf especially after the increment of the American benefit rate,
  • The drop in the rental prices will affect the renting and the buying movement. So, if we take it from a positive prospective from the investors’ side, we will see that this will participate in increasing the investment rate. As the real estate investors will take advantage from such drop in rental prices and they will go for buying and owing properties as investing in real estate is a profitable thing,
  • This will attract the foreign investors to invest and fund real estate projects; as the real estate market will revive, as a result of the drop in the rental prices, the investment rate in Gulf will increase.

There are lots and lots of real estate investment and many projects that come to Gulf which pave the way to an expansion in the real estate field which absolutely will attract the foreign investors and reflect the Gulf’s economy.